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Aircraft wreck in Lake Unteruckersee

At Uckermark region in north-east Brandenburg you will find the Unteruckersee. The lake is the Uckermark largest lake with a length of 7,6 kilometres and a width of 2,4 kilometres. The maxium depth is 19,60 m. Zollchow and Röpersdorf located on the west bank of the lake. Here you’ll find a interesting divesite: the wreck of a soviet Yak-9.

The Yakovlev Yak-9 was a single seat and single engine military aircraft that was uses as a fighter and fighter-bomber. At the end of World War II – in April 1945 – the airplane were shot down nearby Ropersdorf, Germany. Now, the aircraft lies on the ground of Lake Unteruckersee in a depth of 12 m. It is recommended that you should bring a lamp. The engine was already pulled towards shore by local divers and lies in a depth between 6 and 8 m on a platform. This prevents a drowning in mud. Both wreck and engine are markey by buoys.

Mysterious Aircraftwreck in Lake Unteruckersee

Approximately two years ago I sat one evening at a wooden bar in Zollchow when I heard a story about the shooting down of a soviet airplane Yak-9. According to the story a young boy of the Hitlerjugend had been shot down the aircraft in April 1945. The wreckage has been scattered over a small area in Lake Unteruckersee between Prenzlau and Ropersdorf. Is these story true? [more]

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