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by Roger Blum

Diving in Dominican Republic

Explore the St George Shipwreck in Bayahibe

The crystal clear, calm waters of the Caribbean Sea are one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Bayahibe being the best location for scuba in the Dominican Republic. There are three shipwrecks in the area including the Atlantic Princess, Coco and St George.

Bayahibe Dominican Republic
Bayahibe Dominican Republic
Bayahibe Dominican Republic
Bayahibe Dominican Republic

Read This Text in German:
Das St George Wrack in Bayahibe, Dominikanische Republik

The St George Wreck is the most favorite dive site in the Bayahibe area. The wreck is located at a depth of 44 m / 144 ft, but the top of the wreck is only at 15 m / 50 ft.

The ship was originally known as the M.V Norbrae and was built 1962 in Scotland to transport wheat and barley between Norway and Americas. It was used for 20 years and abandoned in Santo Domingo port after.

The ship was renamed St George after the hurricane Georges that hit Dominican republic (and the whole Caribbean and the gulf of Mexico) in September 1998.

In June 1999 the ship was sunk about a half mile (800 m) off the Viva Dominicus beach. Now it’s a great artificial reef, home to schools of many different fish, from lion fish to barracudas and huge green moray eels

Green Moray Eel

More experienced divers are swimming through St George wreck to explore the wreck and all its rooms.

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Read This Text in German:
Das St George Wrack in Bayahibe, Dominikanische Republik

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